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Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary professional engineering company specializing in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as well as Construction works.

The Company was founded and registered in 2014 and it is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
We are a multi-disciplinary mechanical and electrical engineering and construction enterprise specializing in supply, pipelines, manufacturing, and erection of structures and construction works such as buildings for residential, industrial and commercial.
We focus on small to large enterprises in various industrial sectors with strategic plans of expanding locally and internationally.


The primary objective of MOREGWORKS is to become a highly focused company with a solid customer service record.


It is the company’s goal to establish a positive reputation of the company and become the key player in the industry.


The company never rests until the job is done. It seeks constant improvement and will continue to push forward towards development and innovation.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. The company acknowledges the voice of its smallest, lowest of its ranks and champions the humblest aspirations.

Integrity and Commitment

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning while fulfilling our business responsibilities.


We believe that working together is the key to achieve our goal and seek unity in diversity. Our unique differences when combined will result synergy.


We aspire to be referred as the most favorable and reliable company in the construction and fabrication industry providing quality service that meet and exceeds customer’s esteemed expectations.


Our purpose is to create superior value and outstanding services & solutions for our customers through dedication and excellence.

Engineering and Construction

We understand that each client has unique needs and such, we begin our engagement in the early phases of a project to find a lasting solution. We work to ensure that our project objective, goals, and performance requirements are clearly defined. We tailor our Engineering and Construction to our clients’ needs. And our team of Engineering and Construction professionals have the much needed knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure the success of completion of projects.


We pride ourselves on our protocol. Our team is committed to providing quality work from the start of the project to the end while making safety our top priority..

What We Do

We pride ourselves on our protocol. Our team is committed to providing quality work from the start of the project to the end while making safety our top priority.

Moregworks addresses the fact that change is constant and looks beyond the here and now, strategically taking organization into their own distinct future. Moregworks is flexible. We work with you as an extension of your existing team (sub-contractor) or as a leader to address unresolved obstacles. The Moregworks Project Solution team is assembled with diverse educational, experience and skill sets in strategic thinking, architecture, construction, project management and much more. We are dedicated problem solvers that work to understand the specific requirements of any organization and its people.

HDPE Welding

General Construction & building management


Electrical Services

Property Development

Civil & mechanical engineering

Featured Works

Have a look at some of our past projects.

Owner Managing Contract Project Component
AFM New Life Assembly Progress Properties Renovations on church premises Building and construction
Unilever Ola CTP Engineering Installation of new supply and discharge pipelines Piping
Telkom Vumatel Digging of trenches, installation of manholes & fibre. Fibre to the home project. Construction and civils
Trollop Mining RAM Piping Systems Hdpe pipeline and structure of acid plant Piping and structural
Chisa Nyama Weru Gas Manufacturing and supply of 65 cages Structural
Speed Space Speed Space (PE) Electrical installations and cabin refurbishment Electrical works and referbishments


Past experience

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Over the years, we've undertaken a number of construction projects.


Let's build together

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Our time works tirelessly to ensure the projects exceed the expectations.


Installation and Maintenance

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Our time not only installs pipelines, but we maintain them too.


Mechanical and Electrical

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Our team is involved in more than just construction. We're also well versed with mechanical and electrical engineering.


To do more, we work together

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We are more than just work-mates and colleagues. We are a team. To do more, and to go further; we work in harmony.


Perfection, to the very end

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We work until we meet your requirements, or exceed them.



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